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Here you'll find the answers to some of our most "Frequently Asked Questions" regarding jobfairs and our recruitment events. We hope that you'll find this information helpful.

What exactly is a job fair?

A job fair job fair is a wonderful opportunity to seek new employment options with several different companies, all in a relaxed and professional environment. Each job fair event we host may have have between 20 to 75+ companies or more represented. One benefit to the applicant being the chance to meet with several potential employers in one convenient location. To attempt this individually would take several days and a great many miles of driving. Another benefit is the ability to discover an employment opportunity you may have not known existed.

How much does it cost to attend a job fair?

It depends and varies from event to event.

How should I dress for a job fair?

It is highly suggested that you dress in professional business attire, but is not required. We recommend that you follow appropriate dress rules as for any formal employment interview. Those working the day of the event should and are encouraged to come as you are. The majority of employers understand and appreciate the fact you may be currently employed.

Do I need to bring a resume?

Yes, if you have one. In fact, you should bring several copies to the event. While certain entry level positions will only require that you fill out an application, it is still advised that you prepare one. A current resume will go a long way in showing a potential employer that you are serious about obtaining a position in their company.

Do I have to attend the job fair event? Can't I just e-mail or fax my resume?

Attending the job fair event is highly recommended and the best opportunity for those seeking employment with participating companies. Your resume, unlike you, can not be interviewed. We do not process nor do we distribute unsolicited resumes sent via e-mail and fax. The only resumes accepted are those submitted at the registration desk the day of the event. These are used to verify attendance figures and are distributed after jobfair exclusively to those companies participating as title sponsors.

I live on the opposite side of town from the next event. Shouldn't I wait to attend until you have an event closer to my neighborhood?

No. Many large companies have more than one office in a major metropolitan area. Secondly, unless you are entirely opposed to commuting, the benefits offered by a new career, may far outweigh a slightly longer drive to work. There is no set rule. Some corporations may not even have an office in the neighborhood where an event is being held, but may just be seeking to recruit from that area. It is always best to attend if you are able, and speak directly with the representatives about their current needs, even if the event and your home are in different geographic locations.

I am already currently employed. Why should I attend a job fair?

The fact that you've visited our web site and are currently reading this may indicate some dissatisfaction in your current position. Would your current job skills offer you a better paying opportunity and/or greater benefits with another company? Until you've considered all of your options, you may never know.

What do I do upon arrival at a job fair event?

After parking and entering the event facility, follow the signs to the event room and go directly to the Applicant registration desk. There, one of our Applicant Registration Assistants will be happy to assist you with registering. Once you have filled out your Applicant Registration form, simply turn it in along with an extra copy of your resume at the desk. If the event has already started, you may then enter the room. If not, you may wait in the reception area until the event opens.

What kind of jobs are offered at a job fair event?

Each event will vary in the types of positions being offered based on the needs and numbers of the participating companies. All job fair events are designed to offer the widest variety of employment opportunities possible from entry level to professional. This list would and may include accounting, administrative, banking, clerical, customer service, engineering, financial, food service, general labor, health care, hospitality, information technologies, insurance, janitorial, landscaping, leasing, management, medical, office management, property management, restaurant management, route sales, (inside & outside) sales, secretarial, servers, telemarketing, temp, warehouse and much more just to name a few! We recommend that you take the time to visit each booth and speak with a representative from each corporation. You may be surprised to learn about an opportunity that exists, or find that the HR staff can forward your resume to the appropriate department seeking your skills.

Most jobs promoted on the internet are IT positions. Are your job fairs mainly Internet Technologies oriented?

No. While the IT (Information Technologies) industry certainly lends itself to recruitment on the internet, our job fairs are designed for a wide variety of industries. Companies participating in our events are looking for all types of work skills. Please see the previous question.

What companies participate in your job fair events?

From Fortune 500 corporations, to small businesses, job fair events offer the widest variety of employers possible. These will vary from event to event. To view a list of previous participating corporations, please visit the Our Clients link.

When is your next job fair event?

Information about upcoming job fair job fair events can easily be found on our Upcoming jobfair page. From here you'll find the latest information about show dates, location and event times, the list of participating companies, and even maps and directions. Please note that certain information is only made available prior to the event and all shows are subject to schedule changes. We recommend that you check back often for the latest information.