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A study by Ernest & Young has highlighted immense growth in biotech jobs in India over the next five years. This study has registered India among the top five biotech leaders in the world today. With 96 biotech companies, India is at the 3rd position, behind Australia and China. In 2003-04, India achieved a significant growth of 39% in biotech industry. The turnover of the industry in 2005 touched $705 million as against $506 million in 2004. The predicted growth of the biotech industry in India is $5 billion by 2010. Iknowx is a rapidly growing HR recruiting firm registering 100% growth year to year. We help in the employment of the budding professionals at various jobs in leading companies, including biotech firms. Hence, to tap the prospects of biotech jobs in India, candidates bank upon our specialization in pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and healthcare domains.

Immense options of biotech jobs India require qualified professionals. They are needed for research institutes, biotechnology companies, private centers, pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs), food manufacturers, aquaculture, agricultural companies, life sciences companies. Companies related to life sciences, such as equipments, chemicals; diagnostics are also looking for biotech experts. Map your biotech career to climb upwards with biotech jobs in India, offered by Iknowx. You can choose according to your areas of interest and competence from research, sales, marketing, administration, quality control, breeders, technical support etc.

Hire our collective recruiting skills, experience and domain expertise in biotechnology jobs in India to deliver you our flexible manpower recruiting service on the basis of your expectations. We screen, interview and place candidates, at our clients' offered biotech jobs India, as temporary or permanent employees. With our temporary to permanent staffing service, you can evaluate the aptitude and functioning ability of your potential employee, well before offering a full-scale job.

Executives and managers craft the growth model of any organization. Our HR consultancy firm helps you to hire people who will build your organization. With unmatched quality of providing competent "white collar" professionals, we cater to your requirements of biotech professionals. If you are a biotech professional with adequate expertise, draw an end to your search for biotechnology jobs in India with Iknowx.

We also extend payroll services to provide cost effective and professional salary services according to the HR and business strategy of your organization. Our payroll services save any organization from consuming time in complicated calculation of paychecks, tax withholdings, compensation claims etc.

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