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Explore the potentiality of KPO jobs in India with Iknowx. As the BPO industry is soon to flourish to its zenith, its time for another new industry to start up a new revolution. KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing is already throwing a tough challenge to the BPO sector. BPO industry chiefly deals with customer care and technical support with the help of telemarketing and transaction processing. While KPO sector is about outsourcing of knowledge based business processes. Intensive research analysis, interpretation of data, synthesis and valuation are required to carry out knowledge process outsourcing services. The professionals, who mainly work in the KPO sector, comprises of educationists, PHD s, engineers, MBAs, chartered accountants, financial analysts, biotechnologists and statisticians. KPO revenue is expected to grow 46% to $17bn by 2010. Iknowx endeavours to provide suitable jobs to KPO jobs aspirants.

There are several factors that contribute to the booming prospect of KPO jobs in India. India has abundant skilled professionals. Most of them are computer literate and are proficient in English, as about 50% of Indian Universities has English as the medium of instruction. India also produces maximum number of scientific and technological personnel after US. We, at Iknowx, provide our employing organizations with highly qualified professionals, who play a significant role in the growth KPO industries in India.

Iknowx is an experienced HR consultant company. We have our head office at in Hyderabad. We, as a provider of HR solutions, follow all the important features of Human Resource Management, which includes recruiting of professionals, training them and managing their pay rolls. We have amenities like conference rooms, interview chambers and audio & visual conferencing facilities to serve our clients in the best possible way.

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