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Go through the services of employee leasing companies before you select us.

With a significant rise of the contract staffing and temporary staffing, employee leasing companies are booming with business. Any employee leasing company is busier than ever before for providing HR solutions to their client companies. We, Iknowx, are also one of the employee leasing companies operating in different industry verticals. Unlike most other employee leasing companies, our employee leasing service ensure comprehensive HR solutions for your company. Therefore, by choosing us as your employee leasing solution provider you get all the benefits of effective HR service without bearing the cost and responsibility of maintaining full fledged HR department.

Our employee leasing solution provides you with cost effective, professional and effective salary, payroll, administrative solutions and consultation service. Therefore, even if you are not having the requisite infrastructure for HR Management in your company, you can ensure effective as well as affordable HR solutions for your employees. While providing you with the employee leasing service we will issue the paychecks, calculates and pay the tax withholdings and also take care of any disability, unemployment or workers compensation claims filed by the employee.

To give you an idea of the benefits that you can get by hiring employee leasing companies, here we are presenting some scenarios where our employee leasing solutions become effective:-

• When budget constraints place a strict limit on department headcount, our Payroll Services enable you to add a person to your team without officially increasing payroll.
• When you would like to evaluate a candidate on-the-job, before officially hiring him or her.
• When you want to employ a person for a specified term only.

There are some salient features of our Employee Leasing solutions that have made the standard of our service at par with the global employee leasing companies. Here we present an overview of the finer points of our service.

1. We leverage the latest technologies, shared services environments, process improvements and domain expertise to help you get immediate value through economies of scale.
2. Our service improves your corporate efficiency and helps you to mobilize resources for core business activities.
3. We interface with state and central government departments and ensure compliance with all tax rules and regulations.
4. We maintain vacation, sick leave, and other such details.

We ensure that employees can access electronic copies of their paychecks, set up and maintain direct deposit accounts, adjust tax withholdings, and review other information.

We will be happy to provide our recruitment services to you. Kindly fill up the following information sheet or send a mail to companies@iknowx.in.With our exclusive partnerships, we deliver quality candidates. Do feel free to contact us if you have any queries or for any further clarifications

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