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We at Iknowx, as best placement consultants in India, are fully equipped to help organizations focus on their core areas of business and aim to multiply their growth of production, thereby profit through efficient handling of employee resources to the most possible extent. Iknowx saves the creative and management time of the organizations by performing the responsibilities of placement consultants India while the organizations, being free them from HR activities i.e., staffing and accumulating suitable payroll packages, can concentrate on their core activities. Iknowx has adapted to the fast-changing business environment and customer expectations and according to that managed itself as one of the most revered placement consultants of India.

In keeping with the current industry requirements, Iknowx has developed domain and functional experience, which act as a platform to the customer - an organization or a candidate. Our educated and sound technical approach provides a platform for the customer to identify the necessary competitive edge and to select the both assignments and employee following their individual plans or policies.

To ensure timely solutions to the demanding customers, Iknowx is equipped with a superior IT infrastructure having interview chambers, conference rooms, audio and video conferencing facilities, data storage, security and computer networking, everything that is expected of a smart HR firm. Iknowx, according to the contract, mobilizes a single person or an entire workforce based on the client's need, thereby train, cultivate and deliver them to the expectations of the organization. We show our uniqueness among other placement consultants in India through our data bank that enables clients to independently access a vast database of employee profiles and therefore choose the one that perfectly fits the shoes for them. On the other hand, candidates can search for jobs compatible to their skills as required by the top-notch hiring companies. Iknowx's team-based work culture ensures that employees have the opportunity to learn, develop new skills or pick up new competencies relevant for the company's growth. Our comprehensive recruitment services as placement consultant in India can offer you the most effective, professional and profitable salary / payroll / administrative and consulting service to business for your workforce augmentation with HR services like permanent, temporary, temporary to permanent staffing and employee leasing.

We will be happy to provide our recruitment services to you. Kindly fill up the following information sheet or send a mail to our exclusive partnerships, we deliver quality candidates. Do feel free to contact us if you have any queries or for any further clarifications

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