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Iknowx is efficient in providing competent temporary staffing in India. With the changing demand of the global market, there is a growing tendency among companies to prefer temporary staffing over permanent employment. Though a new phenomenon in Indian job market scenario, temporary staffing in India is turning out to be advantageous for both the employers and the job seekers.Iknowx, as a temporary staffing solution provider, facilitates its clients to concentrate on its core business.

Companies yield several benefits by opting for temporary staffing services from Iknowx. The employing organization appoints temporary staffing, in order to reduce the cost of expenditure and liability of resources. Through temporary staffing, companies hire professionals to lessen the work load of its existing employees. Many companies hire temporary staffing for non-core activities like maintenance and secretarial jobs, so that they are left with ample human resource to concentrate on the core projects. Temporary staffing also lets the companies to cope with the risk of attrition. Skilled professionals are easily available through temporary staffing process. Companies recruit these professionals to execute the ongoing project successfully and effectively within the stipulated time limit. Often, employers appoint staffs temporarily in order to assess a candidate's level of proficiency before absorbing him permanently in the company.

Temporary staffing of Iknowx is advantageous for job hunters too. Working as a temporary staff for a company, a professional enjoys freedom and flexibility of work. Young candidates get the opportunity to work for renowned companies and under expert managers. Skilled professionals have the possibility of earning more through temporary staffing than permanent staffing.

Under temporary staffing, Iknowx offers HR consultancy for two services.

• Contract staffing
• Employee leasing

We engage our skilled professionals, developed infrastructure and other expertise to deliver our clients with flawless HR service for temporary staffing

We will be happy to provide our recruitment services to you. Kindly fill up the following information sheet or send a mail to companies@iknowx.in.With our exclusive partnerships, we deliver quality candidates. Do feel free to contact us if you have any queries or for any further clarifications

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