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HR consultants in India are getting busier than ever. The reason is simple. Indian companies are gradually realizing that to cope up with the cutthroat competition, they need to hire the best people to work for them. Now this is something not very easy to do for companies who have recently entered into the Indian market or have little or no infrastructure for HR operations. Even for others, who have full-fledged HR department at work, it becomes impossible at times to keep pace with the fast changing job market scenario.

So, the best viable solution that remains for these companies is to hire a third party HR consultant. For that you have got quite a few HR consultants India firms promising to offer range of HR solutions. But then, are all of them competent enough to take care of your HR requirements? Not really. It takes something extra to be in that position to provide effective HR services. Therefore, we at Iknowx have incorporated the following factors in our work process to surpass average HR consultants in India in terms of quality of service.

  • We believe in knowing your business before we try to help you. This method has helped us gather extensive domain knowledge and that gives us an edge.
  • We have state of the art infrastructure that includes interview chambers, conference rooms, audio & video conferencing facilities, data storage, security and company-wide networking.
  • At Iknowx you get comprehensive HR solutions that include permanent staffing, executive search, temporary staffing, and recruitment outsourcing services.
  • We follow a highly process driven approach that lets us attain better ‘ Turn Around Time ' and ‘ Conversion Rate '.
  • As a professional HR consultant, we adhere to some core values and principles that prompt us to provide HR solutions with dignity, truthfulness and mutual admiration.

So, now that you have learnt about the factors that have made us one of the leading HR consultants of India, we are sure it will be easier for you make the choice.

We will be happy to provide our recruitment services to you. Kindly fill up the following information sheet or send a mail to our exclusive partnerships, we deliver quality candidates. Do feel free to contact us if you have any queries or for any further clarifications

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